“Where ya’ll at?” Frozen Tundra – 1/5/18

PAX: Hologram, Quatro, Etch-A-Sketch, and EOM (aka: the NON FART-SACKERS/NON-SLACKERS)  Come on guys, Etch-A-Sketch walked to the workout, in the snow, up-hill, both ways – Just sayin’!



Standing Snow Angels (AKA:Side Straddle Hops) X50

Copperhead Squats X30


Hillbilly X30


Tiptoe Mosey to the picnic shelter

Circuit Training: (3 rounds of 30 reps each)

Bobby Hurley

Situp-Stand Up

Incline Merkins

Apollo Oh-Nos

Tiptoe Mosey to the pullup bars

1 pullup – 2 toes to the bar

2 pullups – 4 toes to the bar

3 pullups – 6 toes to the bar

4 pullups – 8 toes to the bar2

5 pullups – 10 toes to the bar


Tiptoe Mosey to an icy spot

Plank sliiiiiide workout including:

Clockwise circles

Inch worm

Counter-Clockwise Circles

In and Out


Mosey to the Concession stand


30 seconds of Side Plank Pushups on the left

30 seconds of Side Plank Merkins on the right



Announcements: Bible Study on Friday mornings starts 1/12/18 with Sparky as the Q and Quatro as the backup Q. (Etch-A-Sketch threw out the name of “Ruth’s and Reflection”)

Prayer requests: Etch-A-Sketch’s girlfriend is in the hunt for a new job, since so she can not be at work, when not at work.

Thankful for the time off from work and fun times with family and friends during the snow days.







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