Snow Day @ OGAO




QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 3

PAX : Fire Marshall Bill, Flight Nurse

After taking the handoff of the Q from Busted Grill, YHC formulated a loose plan for what we’d do. Knowing that we’d likely have a smaller than usual crew, I figured being a little open-ended was fine. It was cold, but we warmed up quick…


No need to bust our asses on the ice in the parking lot, let’s go…

Mosey / Walk / Slide to the hill in front of the tennis courts

The Thang


P1 at top of hill , P2 at bottom of hill . P3 runs – flapjack when P3 arrives

100 Hillbillies / 200 SSH / 300 Sideways Lunges / 200 Irkins / 100 Windmills / 75 IW’s

Skate over to the playground


Dips @ bench / Sumo Squats other side of playground

1 & 20, 2 & 19, 3 & 18…. ended up knocking the last few sets all at once for time sake

COT / Moleskin

Thank you men for joining YHC in the icy gloom this morning. I know I wouldn’t have done it on my own!

The Ghost Flag was right at home in the cold and snow.

Apparently Flight Nurse read that article FMB posted about cold conditioning as he was wearing shorts…

Flight Nurse has been consulting the Lexicon, and did a stellar job of keeping us on track during Blackjack. I foresee a VQ in the near future…

FMB, the boots were crucial to your success today!

Prayers for us all to better better men/fathers/husbands/etc, all the first responders.

Thank you again for the gift of leading!


Until next time…






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