Ditchin Good Time


        Seal Claps x30 IC
Burpees x15 OYO


Mosey to BumpRow

Carolina Dry Docks x20
Bear crawl to next bump

KarateSquats x20
Frog-jump to next bump

MikeTyson x20
Karaoke to next bump

Mountain Climbers, 4-count x20
Karaoke (opposite face) to next bump

Diamond Merkins x20
Sprint to next bump

Line up, Indian Run to TheDitch

Ditchin DORA 1-2-3-4:
One partner exercises while the other runs through ditch, up the other side and back then switch.  Together, complete the following:
Burpees x100
Bobby Hurley’s x20
Shoulder Taps x300
American Hammers x400

Line up and Indian Run back to flags


  • Cold weather is God’s subtle reminder that if you want to get better you need to just Get-After-It
  • Strong work RX, way to push yourself!
  • Stiffler looking better and better as he recovers from the kneecap injury
  • Pumking is unable to run in The Southern Ultra which leaves an opening on his 10man team. Anyone interested should DM him.
  • Prayers for Crosswalk’s dad who is having some medical testing done

Always a pleasure!!




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