The heat still works @ OG AO…



QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 12

PAX : The Hoff, Heisenberg, Snickers, Mr. T, Tin Man, Dixie Chick, Wreck-it-Ralph, Flight Nurse, Sulphur Toe/Surf & Turf, Parrot Head, Olaf (FNG)

Warm Up

SSH x20 IC

Windmill x15 IC

Let’s roll – Mosey around the loop toward tennis courts

The Thang

* Where did Sulphur Toe go? After YHC explained Doracides, Parrot Head launched a search. Sulphur Toe did end up making it, not sure how/when/where, but he made it. *

Doracide 1-2-3

100 merkins / 200 squats / 300 LBC’s

P1 = AMRAP  /  P2 = suicides across all 4 courts / flapjack

Mary for the 6 = Flutter Kicks x20 IC / Hello Dolly x20 IC


Mosey back around loop to shelter by the splash pad

10 Incline Merkins / 10 Derkins / 20 Dips – OYO

10 Incline Merkins / 30 Step-Ups – OYO

Mary for the 6 = Flutter Kicks x15 IC / Box Cutters x15 IC


Mosey to Pull-Up bars

10 Pull-Ups / 15 Dips – OYO

Half of us moseyed the long way round back to the flag, while the 6 finished pull-ups & dips & went the shorter way back. (note for Parrot Head, YHC is still unsure of what all the beeps from my watch mean, but we did end up covering 2 miles)

COT / Moleskin

Strong work by everyone! It was cold, but we accomplished the mission of staying warm by moving!

Strong work Olaf! FNG on a sub-freezing day. Hope to see you again soon!

Ghost Flag was present in its rightful home at OG AO!

Mumble Chatter was strong today! You’re not fat Parrot Head, Hoff was just concerned about your health…

Strong work Sulphur Toe/Surf & Turf. For those of you who missed it, he rides 2 wheels, so that respite we get by turning the heat on full blast before jumping out, none for brother Sulphur Toe…

There’s an opening on the 10man Southern Tour Ultra Relay team. Reach out to Pumking to discuss replacing him. (get better quick Pumking)

Sign up to take the Q!

As always, it was an honor and pleasure to lead!

Until next time…







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