Site Q’s Need to Give Access to New Qs

New process below for getting access to the website for backblasts.

I am officially passing off the torch for being the first person in charge for giving access. Don’t be scared, I am always here to hold your hand and help.

1) The Master Qs are now responsible for giving VQs access to the website to do backblasts. We are growing so fast, that I can’t keep up with who is who, and I don’t want to give a SPAMMER access to our website.
2) I have given ADMIN access to each of the Master Qs, which means you can delete the entire website if you start messing around – so be careful.
3) Link for instructions is here: But basically you login to; choose F3capefear, and navigate to ADD USERS.
4) When you add someone make sure their role is set to AUTHOR. This is very important.
5) Any issues, come DM me. Once you do it once, it is super simple. You can also do it from your phone using the WordPress App.


the Ratt



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