Shrivelry is Not Dead

DATE: 1/2/18 (Turbo Tuesday)

QIC: Zuckerberg

# of PAX: 2

PAX: BTB and…wait, no that’s it.

EC:  Ruck and Read started at 0500

WARM UP:  Start running.


Run around loop to Stone Street.

Dora (partner sprints up and down Stone Street)

  • 100 Merkin
  • 200 Mountain Climber
  • 300 Flutter Kick

Run over bridge to Harbor Island (Live Oak Loop).

  • Carioca (50 yards)
  • Run backwards (50 yards)
  • Sprint (50 yards)
  • Run backwards (50 yards)
  • Carioca (50 yards)

Mosey to starting point.


  • 20x 4 count V-Up
  • 20x 4 count heels to heaven
  • 10x 4 count windshield whiper


  • Discussion of how balls have the ability to go internal during such conditions.
  • Reminder of Ruck and Read each morning at 0500.

Enjoyed it!




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