Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

Date: 1-1-2018
QIC: Sir-Mix-A-Lot
PAX- Sea Horse, Dino, 8 Penny, Shut-In “Carpex”, OBT, Hooch, Turner, Mighty Mighty Owl Bate , Tom Sawyer, Hover-round, LETC, Ball Barring, Chicken Noodle, Crosswalk, RX, Busted Grill, Snickers, Last, EOM, Havard, Quarto, Niles, FNG- Tea Party
Hillbillies- IC X 20
Cotton Pickers- IC X 15
Merkins- IC X 20
Mountain Climbers- IC X 20
Burpees- 5 OYO
Mosey over to the wall and try to find a piece of real-estate for balls to the wall. Everyone hold balls to the wall for a 10 count and walk “with your hands” too steps forward. Hold for another 10 count and recover. In all honesty I was planning on doing a few rounds of this but due to the frigid temps I decided to call an audible. Let’s get moving!
Pair up with a partner that is similar in pace and mosey to the Pier. The only catch is if you pass a team you have to stop and knock out 10 Merkins and continue.

The Thang:

Double’s or “Double Mint” depending on who you talk to.
Starting at the Pier preform-
Preform these exercises at every Public Beach access until you reach the Hotel, any Pax to finish early pick up the six and walk them in. I want to apologize if the instructions were not clearer on the beach, but my face was too cold to actually enunciate any words.
Strong Work by LETC and Niles, our two respects leading the way down the beach. Once everyone arrived at the hotel, take a quick minute to enjoy the best part of Baywatch, the view.
Indian-run back to the flag. Special thank you to Dino, for leading the Pax in some Mary and the personal favorite “The Protractor.”
COT/ Moleskin:

In the spirit of the New Year, I felt that Busted Grill should take us out today. BG, you posting makes me and everyone else work that much harder. You are truly an inspiration brother!
T-Claps for everyone that posted this morning. When it’s 23 degrees, it takes a HIM to climb out of the fartsack not fully knowing what he is in store for. It was an absolutely cold windy morning, but there is no place I would rather be than with my F3 Brothers on the 7th anniversary of F3. That being said, thank you OBT for this gift. It was a pleasure having you Post this morning with F3CAPEFEAR.

Hover round has a Corn hole tournament on January 8TH for underprivileged children; He is going to post more in slack, so keep an eye out because this is truly a great cause.
As always it was a pleasure to lead,
Sir Mix Out!



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