New Age Niles

YHC celebrated my 3rd F3 birthday with 10 of Cape Fear’s finest and in order to celebrate my new age , I decided to play some of my favorite New Wave music from the 80’s. Some subtle subliminal and sublime messaging in the music and lyrics . Armchair psychoanalysts have at it .

Here’s who joined the birthday party.

Pax : Sparky. (r) , Ralph (r), Moab (r),pony express ,rx,stifler,tom sawyer (r) , mr T, flight nurse, BG (r)

QIC: Niles (r)

Background Tunage:

New Toy – Lene Lovich

We don’t need no Fascist groove thing – Heaven 17

Just Can’t Get Enough- Depeche Mode

Beautiful World -Devo

Tears of a Clown – English Beat

Planet Claire – B52’s

King of Pain- The Police

Message of Love – The Pretenders

Love My Way – Psychedelic Furs

Once in a Lifetime- Talking Heads

Love Action – The Human League

Cool for Cats – Squeeze

Change – Tears for Fears

Purple Rain- Prince and the Revolution

60 minutes of of the best decade in music , oh yeah.

Many complaints, as usual , at the outset from BG about my musical stylings. Undeterred, YHC pressed on. The Pax had another challenge- YHC brought out a randomly selected category for the Punderdrome . Today’s theme was colleges.


Busted Grill : what’s the road to the smartest college in America – Tu- Lane

Tom Sawyer : what college can you get straight A’s and still strike out – Bowling Green

There were other entries but my memory fails . Feel free to amend if you came up with one.

The thang :

Long mosey around Alderman.


Prisoner Squats

Elevens w assorted merkins alternating with jump squats.

4 Laps around the school running in opposite directions with a partner . Meet at the boom box after each lap for hand slap merkins and sumo squats .

Mosey to pull-up bars for pull-ups , then

Broad jump burpees across the basketball court and balls to the school wall .

Mosey to Venus fly trap park for incline and decline merkins and step ups. Lunge walk in single column back to the flag listening to Purple Rain . Jail break at the stop sign to the Silverfox flag .

Approximately 3.35 miles and 3.35 puns . All in all , a great 3rd birthday.


Strong showing at Panera for coffeteria except for Flight Nurse who apparently got a better offer . 👏🏽 ok then.

The Creperie was closed for Christmas vacation much to our disappointment. I’m sure it’s a well deserved vacation for CrepeFace – we look forward to mangez chez vous.

Announcements :

Polar plunge Monday Jan 1st oceanic 12 noon

Prayers :

Pray for marathoners – sir mix , EPO, nomad

Mr T asks for prayers for balance in parenting styles.

BG asks for prayers to help us to grow and change as God guides us.

Gentlemen, thanks for playing today . It was an honor and a pleasure. Niles out.



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