Birthday on Ice


AO : Battleship

QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 9

PAX : LETC, Seahorse, Niles, Zuckerberg, 8-Penny, Downhill, Heisenberg

Trust me, YHC did NOT ask for sub-freezing temps for my birthday, but we got them anyway. Maybe that’s why YHC was ~2mins late due to the grip of the fartsack… Thanks to LETC for getting the PAX moving in my absence.

“Warm” Up

?? x? IC


Toy Soldier x15 IC

Let’s roll! – Indian Run to the CFCC parking structure…

The Thang

Solo & Partner Zippers

Solo :

Up stairs & across each level : 10 Mountain Climber Merkins @ the halfway point

Mary @ the top (Flutter Kicks)

Down stairs & across each level : 10 Sumo Squats @ halfway point

Mary @ bottom (Heels to Heaven)


P1 / P2 up opposite sides & across each level : 10 Handslap Merkins @ halfway point

Mary @ the top (???)

P1 / P2 down opposite sides & across each level : 10 Partner Sit-Ups @ halfway point

Mary @ bottom (LBC’s)

Mosey to Heisenberg’s Court

Solo “Dora 1-2-3”

10 Derkins / 20 Step-Ups / 30 Flutter Kicks

Mosey up / around / down between sets

Mosey back for Mary

Hello Dolly x15 IC

Freddie Mercuries x25 IC

Superman ~1min

COT / Moleskin

Strong work by everyone, especially in the COLD.

8-Penny managed to get Downhill out with him, strong work by the triple-hate.

Zuckerberg, thanks for pushing me to go faster on the partner work, and for the warm up coffee afterwards.

LETC, good to see you on a Thursday. Battleship looks forward to seeing you more.

FMB, always pushing. Hope my flutter kick form was on point despite the cold.

Heisenberg, quiet but always moving.

Seahorse, always enjoy sharing the gloom with you.

Niles, I should have asked you to bring the Punder-whatever cards out @ Coffeteria. Maybe next time…

News :

Ruck & Read – Look for Zuckerberg’s post for the reading list. One OT / One NT reading during EC ruck. 0500 @ Stingray, TT, & Battleship. (HMP will jump in on it ASAP)

Look for Seahorse’s post about 2018 Resolution / Challenge. Make 2018 twice as strong as 2017. Join the Slack channel #2018-resolutions, DO IT!

Thanks again for joining YHC to start #37 the right way! Everyone of you constantly pushes me to get better. It is truly an honor and a gift to lead.


Until next time…






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