Snap Back to Reality

DATE: 12/27/17

QIC: Zuckerberg

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Snail Mail, Sparky, Etch A Sketch, EOM, 8-Penny, LETC


  • Zuckerberg and LETC rucked around Ogden Park for a “Ruck and Read” at 0500 prior to the post.  We read Genesis 6:5-7:24 (story of Noah’s Arch) and Luke 2:1-2:40 (story of Jesus’ birth…seemed appropriate) while rucking 30 min.


  • 30x side straddle hop
  • 15x windmill
  • 15x cotton picker


  • Mosey to the first light pole on the main road.
  • Fartlek run alternating between 85-90% speed and a recovery job between every other street light to the baseball field (~ 3/4 mile)
  • Run the Bases (partner rotation) in a mud pit!  Partner completes the following exercises around the bases while other partner does wall sits.  Three rounds each.
    • Home to 1st Base:  Bear Crawl
    • 1st to 2nd:  Duck Walk
    • 2nd to 3rd:  Broad Jump Burpee
    • 3rd to Home:  Sprint
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX
    • 30 4x Flutter Kick
    • 30 4x American Hammer
  • Circuit including the following (3 rounds OYO)
    • 20x box jump (2 ft height)
    • 20x dip
    • 20x merkin
    • 20x burpee
  • Mary for the 6
    • 30 4x LBC
    • 30 4x American Hammer
  • Indian Run (~3/4 mile) to pull up bars
  • 10x pullup
  • Mosey to starting point
  • Mary
    • 20 4x Heels to Heaven
    • Plank until someone drops


  • Strong effort bouncing back from Christmas!
  • Prayers for the people
  • Reminder that we are starting a Ruck and Read at 0500 at the Monster Factory (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Turbo Tuesday, and downtown on Thursday.  We are using a card of 50 Old Testament readings and 50 New Testament readings and we will read one Old and one New Testament reading each morning while rucking.

I appreciate the effort this morning.




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