Original Gorillaz

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Tom Sawyer, Les Nessman (Raleigh, Tom Sawyer’s step son-in-law), Sweater Vest (Durham), Mr. T, Hahvahd, Sulfur Toes (welcome back), Niles, Seahorse, Hoveround, Dixie Chick, Trump, Wreck-it-Ralph.

With the Ghost Flag flying beside Old Glory for the first time at HMP, we began under dryer, warmer conditions than expected.

Warm up: 20 IC of the following, seal-claps, cotton pickers, cross country skis and 3 count down merkins.

The Thang: Mosey to the 2 big shelters for grinders. Split up into teams of 3. The exercises are dips, crunchy frogs, incline merkins, step ups and sit ups. One Pax runs to the opposite shelter replacing an exercising PAX who runs back to the other shelter and on and on, until I call out to switch to the next exercise. Mosey around the sand volleyball court twice to give the out of towners a taste of the beach, then to the road for an Indian run to the pull up bars. High plank for 10 count then 3 merkins followed by next PAX doing 10 count then 3 merkins etc. until 6 arrive. This last exercise compliments of Flounder who is apparently an HMP imposter. On to pull up pyramids at the pull up bars. line up at pull up bars (4 or 5 PAX) first PAX does 2 pull ups with help if needed, then next PAX does 2. After all have done 2 move on to 4,6,8,6,4,2. Plank for 6. Mosey long way back to flag doing 5 merkins at every other speed bump. Time constraints caused an audible from 5 burpees at every speed bump, no protests noted.

Mary: Heels to heaven 20 IC and box cutters 10 IC each way.

COT: Counterama 13, namerama. Lots of rucking EC available. By vote of those present, the HMP mascot is the Original Gorillaz. Etch-a-sketch will be contacted about a shirt design, more to follow. Prayers for PAX, first responders, military etc.

Thanks for the opportunity,


Afterglow at Jimbos, 7 or 8 PAX were treated to Punderdrome by Niles. 2 cards were chosen from the Punderdrome game each with a topic, then a pun had to be made using both topics. The topics were rodents and rapping. My totally objective opinion was that the puns could gopher awards some day. From Mr T: What’s a rapping rodent’s favorite beverage? Mice-T. Tom Sawyer: What does a rapping nutria like in his tea? Tu-pacs of sugar. Niles: What did the gangsta rat give out on Halloween? Eminems. BG: What did Dr. Dre prescribe for the sick rat? erythromycin. Happy New Year!




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