Wax on, wax off w/ Mr Miyagi

SilverFox w/ Mr. Miyagi
12/23/17 7am to 8am

AO Alderman School

QIC: Mr. Miyagi

# of Pax: 7

PAX: Sparky, Moab, Minecraft, Tiny Tank, Mr. T, Mountie, Mr. Miyagi

Warm up: Seal Claps x 30 IC

Toy Soldiers (windmills) x 15

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Calf Raises x 15

Cross over Calf Raises x 10 each leg

The Thang:

Mosey to front lawn of school, low plank/ broadjumps Indian style until we reached the sidewalk.

Carioka drill down the sidewalk to edge of field.

Mosey to corner baseball fence. Partners Alternate between Balls to Walls and 20 Squats x 3

Mosey to Basketball Court.

Partners alternate Pull-ups and Burp x 3

Blackjack 21’s, Merkins/Burpies x 3

Mosey to Venus Flytrap trail. Partners alternate between declined merkins and 20 dips x 3

10 Partner Leglifts x 3 ( side to side for extra challenge) x 3

20 Step-ups each leg.

Mosey back to Start. Hello Dolly x 15, Cool down with some stretches. Shoulder stretch x 10, Downward Dog x 15, Spread leg stretch each side x 3,

Circle of Trust:

Great workout, everyone gave 100%. We were missing a few but they were up capturing the flag. Looks like we have it back. We prayed that during this busy season that we would all remember the real reason for Christmas. Also remembering and praying for those that may be lonely, depressed, and/or missing a loved one during this time. Prayed for safety as everyone travel. December is the #1 month for traffic fatilities.

Hope that everyone has a Great Christmas and Happy New Year!



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