Up the River , down the river

Date: 12/22/17

QIC: Ball Bearing

PAX: Zuckerberg , Btb , Dino, Uglystik, Spin Doctor, Cautro, LETC, Ball Bearing


Up The river down the river.

Stretch easy style . Various stretches
Talk about it while stretching
F3 mission statement is

Plant , grow and serve small workout groups to invigorate the male community leadership


SSHx51 in Cadence . When the Q faces you – do and up down.

Form a fast line.

Form a slow line .

Now count ones in twos each row.

Ones on the left , twos on the right

Grab a coupon out of my truck.
Don’t drop the coupon or all the pax on your team do 10 burpees . Ok I Ball Bearing dropped once for our team. Sorry fellas

Ruck/run walk . Team work .Up the river stay together.
At each light do the following exercises .

1.At the First Street light every pax does 50 merkins.

2. 50 Moroccan night clubs 4 count
50 Wide arm merkins

4. 50 jump ropes

5. 50 Squats

6. 50 Moroccan night club 4 count
7. 50 hand release merkins


Drop the coupons.

Team A beat us and they were doing some Mary while holding the coupon.

Team B joined in on the Mary.

I the Q missed judged the time so we ran around the bushes 3 times and

Grabbed the coupons and headed back down the river we repeated the exercises with only 25 per street light .
Team A lead the way back to the AO.

And they lead marry – flutter kicks

Cot –

Prayers for this time of year for some people it is happy time and some sad . As long as you start your day knowing God‘s got this it’s going to be a great day . Pray for this traveling during this holiday ( @eom)etc.
Pray for our nation’s leaders that God would lead ,guide and direct all they do , and put it on their hearts to do all they need to do for all ,not just for themselves and remember if you ever need to pax they’re there for you even when you don’t realize you need them.

If you weren’t here you missed a good one , just ask someone in your best southern voice about the Coupons.

Also I will save the question the time . I Ball Bearing the pants to work and when I get home I give to Donna my wife !!

It was an honor to lead a great group on men.
Ball Bearing out .








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