12 Days of Christmas @ Battleship

Date of Workout:  December 21, 2017 

# of Pax:  14.  Fire Marshall Bill, Ball Bearing, 8 Penny, BTB, Snickers, Hoverround, Blade, Crosswalk, Ugly Stick, Mr. Kotter, Gravity, Zuckerberg.  Welcome FNG Tahtar!

QIC:  Morpheus

Warmup:  Indian Run from AO to 3rd Street. 

The THANG:  Joe Bob the Christmas Elf on the Shelf joined the PAX from the North Pole for an Indian Run to deliver the 12 Days of Christmas around Town.  Three (3) miles were covered, stopping periodically and reverentially to perform:

1 Minute plank

2 Minute wall sit

3 Plank

4 Dips


6 Tuck Jumps

7 Flutter Kicks

8 Lunges

9 Merkins

10 Squats

11 Mountain climbers

12 … Burpees!

Reindeer games were had on the hill by Pilot House.  2 team sprints to top and back down.  BTB (running first and last leg) and his team prevailed.

COT/Moleskin:  Listen to the quiet voice in this busy season and remember our role as part of a much larger plan. 

Great work by all.   Way to push through Gravity. 

Way to work FNG Tahtar, you’re a natural.   

Joe Bob will report all you fartsackers to Santa.  Get out in the Gloom!

It is an honor and a privilege.

YHC,  Morpheus



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