True American



QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 23

PAX: Seahorse, Tiny Dancer, Tin Man, Mayhem, Niles, Dixie Chick, Tom Sawyer, Snickers, Mr. T, Flight Nurse, Canary, CrepeFace, Pony Express, Hahvahd, Wreck-it-Ralph, Crosswalk, Heisenberg, Last, Busted Grill, Gravity, Quatro, Paper Weight (FNG)

Strong showing again at the OGAO. Weather was perfect! YHC was joined by 3 pax for 1.5 miles of ruckership EC @ 0500. (Niles is preparing for the Go Ruck Lite in August, so he was there leading the charge)


SSH x20 IC

Squats x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Indian Run (2 lines) around the loop past shelter 1 to Tennis Courts

The Thang

4 Corners (variation thereof)

Split into 4 groups & Start in different corners

(Karaoke long sides / Lunge walk short sides)

#1 = American Hammer x10

#2 = Turkish Get-Ups x15

#3 = Sum Squats x20

#4 = Merkins x25

Rinse & Repeat x2 with People’s Chair/Overhead Press x35 at the end

Mosey around the loop  past shelter 1 to the lot beside Splash Pad

“True American” (modified / partner 11’s, if you want to call it that)

(Yes Last, YHC has & does watch the Fox sit-com “New Girl”)

*disclaimer : This one looked/worked A LOT better on paper than in person*

Partner Up

P1 = 1 True American (dead-stop merkin w/ plankjack at the top) / P2 = 10 LBC’s

Run to other end of parking lot

*partners stay together & each partner does the same exercise until arriving @ 10 & 1*

Switch Exercises & Repeat

(Again, it made sense when planned, in action it was slightly hectic. We’ll try again.)

Mary = Flutter Kicks x20 IC  &  Hello Dolly x20 IC

Back to the Flags

COT / Moleskin

Strong work, 23 pax for my second Q @ HMP!

Welcome Paper Weight! Hope to see you again soon.

Clown Cars heading to Carterico 12/23 to retrieve the Cape Fear Ghost Flag – depart Donut Inn ~0450. Watch Slack for info, go if you can!

Sign up to Q! The calendar is wide open. Tiny Dancer will glad to have you lead on a Wednesday. (see other site Q’s or speak up for other AO’s) If you’re not taking the Q, you’re missing out. It is truly an honor and gift to lead. If you want a wingman, grab someone & Co-Q it!

Meal Train for Ball Bearing – find the link on Slack. Sign up to cover a meal for the family. Let’s rally behind our brother & support where we can!

Prayers for Cpt. Stubing’s family as the grieve.

Prayers for healing for Niles’ M as she struggles with autoimmune issues.

Again, and as always, it was an honor and pleasure to lead! It never ceases to amaze me that 22 grown men will follow me around, in the dark, doing stupid exercises, and do it gladly.

Go out there and make a difference for good in your world. In light of the current season, remember the gift we’ve been given, accept it for yourself, and give it away to someone else.   “…weary soul take heart. For help is on its way, and holy is His name…”

Until next time…






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