Tough Wet Ruckers

Date: 12-20-17

Pax: Gobo, Last, Crosswalk, 8Penny, Chowda, LETC, Okra, Seahorse, BTB, Busted Grill

It was a fabulous hike in the rain with some hard motherruckers. Some romance enjoyed by few while sharing the coupons, since fia joined the event. We all partnered up and grabbed a coupon and here’s what happened.

Warm-up by Wowo
We moseyed down the road to the Pull up Bars
3x Crabwalked across the Bridge
3x Step Ups each leg x10
3x Moseyed up the stairs
3x Merkins x10
Moseyed over to the Baseball Fields
Ruck Webbs x10

CoT. Prayers for Capt Stubing’s SIL and family. Prayer’s for Ballbearing’s MIL.

Moleskin. Crosswalk posted in the rain to sign the Big Board. BtB left it at home so he’s got to post at Battleship to sign. 8 pax hit Brewer’s Kettle for dome second F. How were the tacos Double Check?

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

WOWO out


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