Turbo Tuesday Poetry

QIC: The Ratt

Date: 12-19-17
# of PAX: 3
PAX: BTB & Flounder
Warmup: 15 Cotton Pickers IC and 15 Imperial Walkers IC

The Thang: 

It was a perfect morning, guns blazing in glory,
3 Pax did some stretching, and a little flexing,
and headed out in the gloom.

BTB lead the way, and our Flounder a little afraid,
to make it Shell Island and back,
in time for our normal Workshop hooray.

We made good time, for the Q to shine,
and the PAX to run backwards up the parking deck incline,
with a couple pushups along the way.

We laughed and cried, and called our splits good 745’s,
so we could have a carry on his good name.

The end.
-THE Ratt

PS – don’t be scared – break away from UNCW on Tuesdays and come join us a the beach. For nothing else but a change in scenery.





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