The Return

DATE: 18 DEC 2017

PAX: Gravity, Seahorse, Satellite (FNG), Tank, Dixie Chick, Balthazar, Morpheus, Surf -n Turf, Snickers, Gobo, Tin Man (FNG), Flight Nurse, Mr T, LETC

QIC: Parrot Head

After being absent more Mondays than I can remember, I was EH’d into taking the Q for Heavy Metal Monday.  Wondering if I had forgotten how to Q, and seeing 14 other PAX awaiting my instructions, I nervously started the workout at 5:30 sharp.

IW x 20

Tabata.  8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 4:00 minutes.  Partner up at a station, as each station can accommodate 2 PAX.  After each exercise (4:00 minutes), rotate to the next station.  The stations were:

Kettlebell Swings (53 & 45 lbs)
Sandbag Squats (50 lbs)
V-Ups (w/ 25 lbs)
Tricep Extensions (20 lbs)
Merkins (w/20 dumbells)
Low Plan
Lawnmower Pull (25 lbs)
High Pull (40 lbs)
6-inch Hold

MARY: Hello Dolly x 25

Apparently, I was a little rusty, but didn’t do too bad.  It seems that everyone enjoyed themselves.
See LETC about the clown car travelling to Morehead City on Saturday for the taking back of our flag.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always a pleasure.




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