Grinding It Out

10 Pax looking to better themselves gathered at Ogden Park for a Monday morning thrashing.

Date: 12/18/2017

PAX: Shake Down, Quattro, EOM, Shines, Spin Doctor, BTB, The Rat, Etch, Flounder

QIC: Dino


-Warm Up: Cotton Pickersx20, Moroccan Night Clubsx50, 10 burpees. Make groups of 3. Run to try and EH 2 guys in the parking lot next door. That failed. Continue running to soccer fields for 3-Man Grinders.  1 man at each end of the soccer field doing called exercise while the 3rd man runs in between. The runners switch off and continue doing called exercise until the Q calls new exercise. Today we did mountain climbers, merkins, Freddie Mercury, squats, and LBCs.

-Partner wheelbarrows across the field and back. Switch as needed.

-Run to parking lot for Horseshoe from Hell: 2 groups race each other in opposite directions in a horseshoe loop around the parking lot. Rinse and repeat. Run back for COT.


-VERY strong group this morning. The pleasant weather brought the best out of this group.

-2 guys with knee injuries still posted and rocked it! Nicely done Quattro and Shines. Heal up!

-Spin Doctor must be feeling a little lighter, he was flying out there.

-BTB making it look easy as usual

-The Ratt has made 2 posts in 2 weeks. Let’s keep the streak alive brother.

-EOM’s head was steaming at COT. That’s a good sign.

-Etch did OK

-Flounder flew through that horseshoe. Shoes were visibly hot after the race.


-Prayers for Ball Bearing and his family as they navigate through family illness.

-Remember that Christmas is approaching and it is not the time to focus on gifts. Set an example for your friends and family by putting Him ahead of everything else.

-Always a pleasure leading the fine men of F3. This is one of the best ways to start a day, do not take it for granted.

‘Til next time,





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