Pick A Card, Any Card

Date: 12/15/17

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 9

THE PAX: Rx, Crosswalk, Stifler, The Mountie, Crepe Face, Tiny Tank, Trolly Stop, Minecraft

QIC: Chicken Noodle

Warm Up:

– Moroccan Night Club x40
– Cherry Pickers x20
– American Hammers x20
Mosey to the back parking lot of Ashley and circle up.
Deck of Death – Using a deck of playing cards, each suit is an exercise and each card dictates the number of reps the pax completes all the way up to Ace being 14 reps. One by one we pick a card and complete the exercise until we go through the deck.
Spades = Squats
Hearts = Hand Release Burpees
Diamonds = Diamond Merkins
Clubs = Crunchy Frogs
In total, that’s 104 reps of each exercise.
Mosey back to the flags for Circle of Trust.
Announcements: Reminder to bring gifts for Ashley High Eagle Tree on Monday to give to Hooch/Trolly Stop. Strong work putting that together Hooch!
Rx – You always have such a positive and encouraging attitude and I appreciate that. Keep being an encourager!
Crosswalk – Thanks for keeping us motivated and taking the lead on Holy Bagels next week!
Stifler – Great to have you back buddy! You’re always missed when you aren’t there.
The Mountie – Strong work out there today! It’s great having you as a Screaming Eagle and I’m looking forward to continued posts with ya.
Crepe Face – You’re killing it out there man! Thanks for teaching us French.
Tiny Tank – You always keep me laughing and I appreciate that! It was great catching up this morning.
Trolly Stop – It’s time for your name to be changed to “Burpee.” You dominated those today.
Minecraft – Great seeing you again this morning! Glad you posted at SE with us today. Hope your Q at SilverFox goes well tomorrow!
Noodle out!


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