Pay the toll on the HMP loop


AO : Hugh MacRae Park #OGAO

QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 24 (1FNG)

PAX : LETC, Gravity, Gilligan, Flounder, Flight Nurse, Dixie Chick, Busted Grill, Niles, Hahvahd, Wreck-it-Ralph, Snickers, Cannoli, Last, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Pony Express, Mr. T, Homer, Canary, Gobo, Mr. Kotter, Livermush, The Adjuster, Tree Hugger (FNG)

Warm Up:

Toy Soldier x15 IC

Cotton Pickers x15 IC

Mountain Climbers x10 IC

The Thang:

Duck & Weave out of lot heading to pull-up bars – Jail Break @ the stop sign (FYI: Duck & Weave is slightly difficult to keep together with 24 pax)

Partner Up & prepare to pay the toll on the HMP pond loop

Partners run opposite directions around loop / meet half-way & each pax performs;

10 Handslap Merkins / 20 Sumo Squats / 30 LBC’s

Continue running / meet back @ pull-up bars & each pax performs;

10 pull-ups OR 10 dips OR 10 knees to chest (or all 3 if you’re Sir Mix)

Rinse & Repeat x4

** Disclaimer / Moment of Truth : YHC lost his partner (Tree Hugger) somewhere during the second loop. Certain that we passed eachother, but YHC will blame it on the gloom & Tree Hugger’s wardrobe change. Thanks to LETC & Sir Mix for locating Tree Hugger & enabling us to finish together **

Mary for the 6 consisted of some things YHC didn’t catch, save for Monkey Humpers c/o Gobo.

Line up for 2 column Indian Run back to flag


Flutter Kicks x15 IC

100’s x34 IC

Box Cutters (both ways) x20 IC

Hello Dolly x10 IC


COT / Moleskin:

Welcome to DR pax from Carterico, glad to have you! Enjoy the Cape Fear Ghost Flag while you have it, Cape Fear pax incoming 12/23. (Check Slack for info  – Clown Cars departing ~0500)

If you ordered or want to order a F3 Cape Fear shirt (local order to support F3 Cape Fear Foundation) get with Venus TODAY!

Audible called on Jimbo’s & Jesus – relocated to Ruth’s Kitchen for Venus’ birthday festivities! *HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER*

Strong work by Snickers on his VQ last night @ Night Flight & running point for F3 Leland. If you know Leland pax, let them & Snickers know so they can get plugged in.

Freed to Lead – if you haven’t read it you need to. Hit the Slack channel to get in line. There’s 3 or 4 copies floating around, so you won’t have to wait long. Pony Express took delivery of BTB’s copy today.

Welcome Tree Hugger! Glad to have you with us, hope to see you again soon!

** Had a great time on the EC ruck with Last & Niles. We’ll use that coupon in the future Last. Also, Niles needs to sign up for the Lite in August. If YHC can HC for the Custom Heavy in April as his first ruck event (yes, next level stupid), you can do the Lite in August. **


Strong showing for YHC’s first Q @ the OGAO! As always, it was honor to lead!

Until next time…






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