Cold Don’t Hurt


Cold don’t hurt…but sprints and burpees do.

QIC: Trolly Stop

# of PAX: 13

PAX: Chicken Noodle, Crepe Face, Rocket Queen, 8-Penny, Flamer, Glass Joe, Nomad, Hooch, Rx, Crosswalk, Pumking, The Mountie,


*Standing on our right legs and not letting the left touch the ground

  • Curls X 10 each arm
  • Overhead punches X 10 each arm
  • Across the body to the ground, then back across the body arm raises X 5 each side
  • Touch the ground, then overhead arm raises X 10
  • Run-in-place arm pumps X 10

*Repeat on left leg

The Thang:

We moseyed over to our beloved side street with five street lamps situated about fifty yards apart–perfect for long, to medium, to short sprints.

1st: we sprinted from the first pole to the last, about 200 yards, and completed 5 burpees at the finish line.

2nd we sprinted to the second farthest pole, about 150 yards, and completed 10 burpees

3rd, we sprinted a distance of two poles, about 100 yards, and completed 15 burpees

4th, we sprinted the distance from pole to pole, about 50 yards, and completed 20 burpees

Next, we moseyed over to a nearby shelter with picnic tables for some isometrics. I use a lot of isometrics because building muscle, especially with body weight,  requires time under tension.

We set up four stations: Bulgarian Split Squats, Merkins, Traditional Squats, and Dips. In cadence, we began our exercises and stopped them three times for six seconds while descending, and three times for six seconds while ascending.  We performed each movement twice (each leg for the split squats) and then rotated to the next exercise.

Upon completion, we hammered out around 30 Boats and 30 Supermen.

After that, 8-Penny called out flutter kicks, which we performed around 50 of.

Hooch spoke up and led for 30 LBCs.

Following that, we completed 50 squats and 25 merkins.

Then we jogged back to our cars.

Here, Hooch told us about he Angel Tree Invitational going on at Ashley High School. Afterwards, he took us out in prayer.

Thank you to everyone whom showed up today and/or helped me get involved in this organization. Looking at you Hooch.

Regardless, touch those chests to the ground, push through your mind forged manacles, and keep on rocking in the free world

–Trolly Stop (Choo Choo!)





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