Century 21


PAX: Shines, Quatro, LETC, Dino, BTB, Zucherberg, Uglystick, Spin Doctor, Coffee Bean, Etch-A-Sketch, EOM



Seal Claps



Apollo Oh-No’s


100 Reps X 21 Exercises = CENTURY 21

  1. Overhead Press
  2. Air Squats
  3. Crucible Merkins
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Coupon Flies
  6. Lunge Pulse on Left Leg
  7. Bent Over Rows with Coupons
  8. Lunge Pulse with Right Leg
  9. LBC
  10. Ski Jumps
  11. Curls with Palms Facing Up
  12. Side To Side Hops (over Parking Space Line)
  13. Bent Over Tricep Extensions
  14. Front To Back Hops (over Parking Space Line)
  15. Curls with Palms Facing Down
  16. Hillbilly Hops
  17. Shoulder Taps
  18. Imaginary Jump Rope
  19. EOM Plank Reach
  20. Flutter Kicks
  21. Straight Arm Side Straddle Hop



Strong work today men.  11 men did 2100 reps each of the exercises above, and all in less than 42 minutes. #killinit.  Enjoy the time together this morning guys.  No better way to start my day than a little F2 while doing some F3.

Announcements: Passed the Hat for Kid’s Night Out, Collected some money for Shirt Orders @adonald1215

Prayer Requests: Coffee Bean’s Friend Courtney is battling cancer. The Treatment they are giving her has caused her to get worse, so they’ve discontinued the treatment. She has 2 children and a husband supporting her through this.

@ballbearing’s mother in law is battling cancer also, and had a fall a month or so ago. She is immobile and is living with BB and his family at this time.

Prayers for Etch-A-Sketch’s Girlfriend who is battling anxiety at this time.






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