• When: 12/12/2017
  • QIC: Tank
  • The PAX: BTB, Rat and Zuckerburg

4 of Cape Fear’s finest PAX posted for the Turbo Tuesday who was craving the need for speed this morning.

Here is how it all went down:


SSH x 15

Cotton Pickers x 15

Windmill x 15


First, PAX ran at a fast clip to Johnnie Mercer’s Pier (~2miles)

Then came the BLIMPS! It went something like this:

  • Starting from the Pier all the way to Stone St., run through each Access Point (12 in total) in a loop i.e. down one access point, up the other one is 1 loop.
  • Perform the BLIMPS at every loop. First loop, do the B, second loop do B & L so on, so forth.  If you did the math, there were 6 loops that matched up perfectly!

We then ran back to the flag and finished right on time…

COT for Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama…


  • @BTB – you didn’t have to push @Rat to the ground while running.  He is allowed to pass you, man:)
  • @Zuckerburg – it’s amazing how a baby changes your life… It might not feel like this right now, but try to enjoy these moments!
  • Like I always say, consider Q’ing. F3 is a privilege and with that privilege comes a responsibility to lead.

Have a great rest of the week…

TANK out!



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