Lower Body Smoke Fest


Date: 12/11/2017


QIC: Gravity

15 PAX: Bluesteel, Handout, Balthazar , Brady, Snickers, Busted Grill, Hahvahd, Flips, Pony Express, Dixie Chick,  Morpheus, Mr.T, LETC, Gobo & Gravity

YHC woke up randomly, went to the bathroom, grabbed the phone to check the time and realized the phone went into “RESTORE” mode at some point in the night. Wife mumbles. “you better hurry up!” It was 5:10 am and thankfully, I was prepared and there was no traffic at Oh Dark Thirty – other than passing Morpheus at Panera Bread.

Because Steve Jobs decided to haunt me, my Tabata timer was not working, so on the fly, and during the disclaimer, I laid the Tabata stations out in a circle, two men to a station, 15 reps each, rotate counter clockwise and let’s go.

The 8 stations were:

  • Squat, Curl, Halo – it’s a compound movement and something you have to see to believe.
  • Lunge twist – like it says, grab some weight, lunge out, twist in, hold that for a solid 1 count, standup.
  • Sumo Squats – that with some weight
  • RDLs – Roman Dead Lifts
  • Calf Raises
  • Single Leg Squats – put one foot behind you on the crate, with a weight in hand, and do a one-legged squat … over and over again.
  • Lateral Lunges – lunge sideways.
  • Glute Bridge – laying flat on your back, with knees bent, put a 40# salt bag on your package and raise up the bridge squeezing your glutes– she will thank you later.

We wrapped up at about 6:05 and lined up for wind sprints. I don’t know about the other PAX, but I was smoked.

COT: Handout wants everyone to know about Wreathes Across America – volunteers are needed at the National Cemetery this Saturday – ping him on Slack for more details. Might make a cool EC or F2 for a few of us.

Freed to Lead books are circulating – glad to see everyone fully engaged in the DRP and F3 history. One changed hands this morning.

Skins: Thanks for the great group this morning. I was a little frantic with my broken phone, but I got it working just after noon today after restoring it, and using my iCloud backup. Thanks to Snickers for providing the promised James Brown music – it was funky.

Prayers that these men have their faith tested, strengthened and engaged this day, as one needs faith to receive God’s grace. Prayers for those that protect us and continued growth of F3.

Yours in Service to F3; Gravity



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