110 Pull Ups and Heavy Monster Arms


QIC: Flounder

PAX: Bob The Builder, Dino, EOM, All About That Bass, Spin Doctor, Tanenbaum, Tank, Quatro, Heisenburg

When planning for the Q for today, I knew I wanted to step out a bit and put a focus on an upper body workout this morning.  Apparently, my plan went pretty well as I am having to focus on lifting my arms as I type this BB!  Gotta love the Monster Factory!

Warm Up: SSHx 25, Cotton Pickers x 20, Mountain Climbers x 25, Merkins x 15

The Thang:  Indian run around the park to the first cache of tokens.  Grab two tokens (heavy rocks) for curls and overhead press.  We started with a 5 count of each x 5 then 10 burpees.  Repeat 5 count then 20 merkins.  We then switched it up to 25 curls, 25 overhead press.

Mozy to the soccer field, pick a partner.  1 partner planks for a 10 count then 10 Merkins while the other runs suicides.  Switch partners.  Rinse and Repeat.  I began to hear groaning here so I knew things were going well.

Mozy to the token cache.  Find two lighter tokens for arm lifts.  5 count of front arm lifts then side arm lifts x 5 then 10 burpees.  Repeat 5 count then 10 merkins.

Indian Run to the pull up bars.  Time for Hell’s Stairs ( I made that up).  Find your partner and alternate pull ups starting at 1, then 2 increasing to 10.  Recover after 10 with partner sit-ups x 25. Time to descend from 10 pull ups to 1 taking turns with partner.

Mozy to the picnic shelter where BTB led us in Sundial Merkins x 2.

Indian Run back to AO but that got all jacked up so we just called a jail break and sprinted back.  Of course, BTB had to be first!

Moleskin and COT:   110 pull ups today PAX!  There is one thing about pull ups that I love….they are hard!  They make you stronger and in my opinion is one of the single best exercises that builds upper body strength.  You shoulders, arms, back, core all work together with a pull up.  We need to do more of them! Shout out to my partner, Quatro.  He was flat out killing it.  He never gave up and pushed through all 110 pull ups.

A good reminder to welcome FNG’s and make sure they do not get left behind during their first post and even future posts.  The ghost flag is officially in Carteret County…who’s going to get it?

All About That Base took us out with a spot on prayer this morning encouraging us all to be better daily.

Strong work today PAX!

Flounder Out!



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