Silverfox 8 + 4

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Mr.T, Minecraft, Last, Mr. Myagi, Niles, RX (previously Cialis), Sparky, Moab, Tom Sawyer, Chicken Noodle. 8 Respects(66.6767%) and 4 brave younger men

It’s dark, it’s gloomy, it’s cold, it’s wet Act II.

After disclaimer and lame one liner in honor of Hoveround, his backup got to work

Warmup: SSH 25 x IC, cotton pickers 20 x IC

Pair up for BG’s classroom. All classes are 3 rounds of 3 exercises done 20 times each with a recess between each class. 1st class: Squats. lunges and V-ups. 1st recess: run to monkey bar area and do 20 pull ups. 2nd class: dips, decline merkins and crunchy frogs. Recess: Monkey bars for 20 knees to chest. 3rd class: Incline Mike Tysons, decline shoulder taps and flutter kicks. Recess; Basketball court for 20 crab cakes. 4th class: step ups, dips and hello dollies. Mosey around the school dodging puddles.

Mary: Hillbillies suggested so 71 IC, it sounded like a good round number. Suggestion made to finish with 10 Burpees-done.

COT: By a unanimous vote of the PAX and signed and sealed by QIC BG, brother Cialis is now brother RX. If anyone knows why this should not be, they are to speak up before 0900 on December 9, 2017 or forever hold their peace. Prayers of thanksgiving and praise for the PAX their families etc. Grateful to those who protect and serve us.

Thanks for the opportunity. Strong work by all. Signed by mostly thawed hands,BG



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