Army Navy Saturday

Go Army, Beat Navy!

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Tenebaum, EOM, 8-Penny, Bluesteel, Glass Joe, Gobo, Heisenberg, Nukee (FNG: Brandon), Foxtrot.

QIC: Foxtrot

Warm-Up: Part 1

51 SSH, IC (Varying Cadence)

41 Flutter Kicks, IC

31 Squats, IC

21 Seal Claps

11 Merkins, IC

Warm-Up: Part 2

Pax split into two small groups – fast and faster. Small-group mosey to the ocean to touch the salt and draw power from the waves.  Pax instructed to pick a pace that allowed them to talk along the way sharing thoughts from the week and plans for Christmas.

Foxtrot and Bluesteel helped form the fast group and ensured FNG Brandon felt at home and learned that he is from the Charlotte area, works at GE, and had been head locked by Glass Joe to post.

Faster group led by 8-Penny started to do to some further moseying on the beach and started some burpees which prompted Foxtrot to call an audible and move The Thang to the beach.

The Thang

Teams of Three & Blue Barrels

3 Pax teams started a smoker beat down incorporating burpees, squats, and merkins.

1 pax runs to blue barrel about 100 m away and returns. Meanwhile, other 2 pax alternate doing burpees. When 1st pax returns, pax 2 runs/returns. 2nd pax returns, pax 3 runs/returns.  Keep doing this until each pax has completed 3 trips to the blue barrel and returns. Teams were able to get to about 200 burpees.

All pax mosey to another blue barrel.

Continue beat down with same format substituting squats for burpees.  Teams were able to get to about 300+ squats.

All pax mosey to another blue barrel.

Continue beat down with same format substituting merkins for squats.  Pax quickly reached merkin burnout at about 1,000 merkins.  Q called an audible and all paxs headed off the windswept, cold beache and headed to pavement where Q instructed the same teams, fast and faster, to pick up the pace across the bridge and all would form up on the other side.  Winds on bridge approached 85mph forcing pax to lean into the gale reaching the other side in record time.

All pax complete Indian Run sticking closely together back to AO where Q found some high ground to honor Mary. High ground is an Army guy’s favorite terrain.


20 Flutter Kicks, IC

Low Planks

20 partner leg throw downs

20 Freddie Mercury’s, IC

Mosey to basketball court.


Strong work by 9 PAXs!

Welcome Brandon, FNG, who we promptly named Nukee as recommended by Glass Joe.

The weather was the weather.  All pax started to move fast and before you knew it, it felt like the 4th of July.  The sand provided a great gym floor and we seemed to have as much space as we needed.

Wednesday night is Tough Rucker night – great turnout with F3 combining with FIA.  F2 right after at Brewer’s Kettle.

Prayers for 8-Penny’s grandmother who is facing some grit and bear it recovery time following a back injury.

If you can, give our foundation an end-of-year gift…you won’t miss the cash and you will help put a little warmth in someone’s life.  #giveitaway

Strong Work!!!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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