The Night Flight Five

DATE: 12/7/17


# of PAX: 5

PAX: Hahavahd, Busted Grill, Snickers, Dino


  • Seal Claps x 25 IC
  • Windmill x 20 IC


  • line up single file for an Indian Run to the outer loop and around all the way to pull up bars
  • at the pull up bars for ALARM 1 round
    • A = pull ups x 20
    • L = Lt. Dans x 20
    • A = reverse pickle pumpers x 30
    • R = ranger merkins x 25
    • M = mountain goats x 25
  • once complete, line back up and Indian Run the rest of the outer loop to the parking lot
  • at one end of the lot, line up for Red Barchetta:
    • run to other far end, 100 SSH, run back, 100 SSH, wait for SIX
    • run to far speed bump, 75 mountain climbers, run back, 75 mountain climbers, wait for SIX
    • run to BTB’s truck, 50 LBC’s, run back, 50 LBC’s, wait for SIX
    • run to Snickers’ truck, 25 merkins, run back, 25 merkins, wait for SIX
    • run to close speed bump, 10 burpees, run back, 10 burpees, wait for SIX


  • It was the coldest, darkest, wettest Night Flight post ever! Thanks for not leaving me to workout by myself!
  • Havahd: We may give you a hard time, but I can remember a time when you wouldn’t have been able to run the outer loop, much less keep up with an Indian Run. You are a true testament to all PAX that it is not about how fast you are, but that you are out here, getting stronger, getting better, being with your brothers. You completed every rep of every exercise and I am damn impressed by that!

That’s it for me. Happy Friday!

BTB- over and out!



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