Not such a Rainy day

Date: 12/9/17

QIC: Sparky (R)

AO – Stingray

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Spin Doctor, Dino, Bob The Builder, Coffee Bean (R), Etch-a-sketch, EOM, Tenembaum, Cuatro, Shine


Seal Claps X 30 IC

Wind Mill X 20 IC

Hillbilly X 20 IC

Happy Jacks X 10 IC ( Was planning 20 but YHC had a sagging issue with one layer of foul weather gear and the demonstration and count was a bit challenging)

The Thang:

Carioca – out of parking lot and taking right on road to first speed hump, switching carioca direction half way)

Angle Grinder  X 20 IC

Run backward to next speed hump

Body Builder X 20 IC (YHC struggled with the demonstration again)

Run to second speed hump

Daft punk X 10 IC


Mosey to pull up bars


3 man DORA

100 – Pull ups    200 – Gas Pumps   300 – Lunges

Pax 1 – Exercise

PAX 2 – Run to second speed hump


Rotate when PAX 2 finishes run


Dino lead Mary while we wait for 6

American Hammer X 30 IC


Mosey to rock pill

Find 2 medium size rocks

Man/Monster Makers X 10 IC – switch to OYO

(Burpee with 3 Merkin and 2 arm extensions with rocks – Down, Merkin, Rt arm out & back, Merkin, left arm out & back, Merkin, up – That’s 1.  Arm extension in front on odd ones, arm extension to the side on even ones)


YHC announced Jail break back to the AO, anyone that beats BTB I would buy breakfast at Ruth’s.  Off they go, I think it was BTB up front, Tenenbaum and EOM close behind.  A couple different routes were taken, so Tenembaum edged BTB by a small margin but had shorter distance so technically the win had to go to BTB but man Tenembaum has got some wheels



Prayers for Spin Doctors friend that is having a cyst removed behind her eye

Prayers for the Doctors that perform surgeries, especially the ones that have be there for long hours

Announcement about 3rd F starting up the first Friday in January


Thanks for letting me lead a fine group of HIM






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