Grilled Gauntlet

QIC: Busted Grill

PAX: Gravity, Niles, Flight Nurse, Mayhem, Dixie Chick, Snickers, Mr. T, Last

Intro: It’s dark, it’s gloomy, it’s wet, it’s 0530. Can we grill outdoors. Yes.

Warm up: Seal claps x 20 IC, Windmills x 25 IC, air presses x 20 IC

The thang: We haven’t done the gauntlet in a long time so here’s the “grilled” version. First exercise is merkins. The 1st PAX to reach 100 says done and we all stop. Mosey to a shelter for crunchy frogs 20 IC. Then dips and when the 1st PAX  reaches 100, we stop. Mosey to the front intersection for squats, 1st PAX at 150 we stop. Mosey to goose poop island for SSH’s 25 IC. Then step ups 1st to reach 100, stop. Bear crawl the bridge (a few upright bears spotted). Mosey to pull up bars for burpees 10, stop when 1st PAX reaches 10. The number was suggested by Last and was surprisingly popular. On to pull up bars for 30 pull ups, 30 and stop. Mr.T graciously volunteered to be the 9th man out and did some 100 or so inverted rows. Maybe it was 50. The gauntlet finishes with a 400 meter sprint. Here we took a short break to discuss what the word sprint means. 9 opinions in a group our size seemed a little excessive to me, but we all did it. I observed fast, slow, start fast then slow, start slow then fast, and a few other indescribable iterations. Breathe deeply and try to stay upright for some mary under the shelter. Since I have probably been inaccurate about the reps for most of the IC exercises, I’m going to punt on the numbers and just say we did flutter kicks, those side lateral things, incline merkins, sit ups on the tables and hello dollies.

COT: Namerama, Snickers shared about the meeting last night, mainly awesome testimony from Quatro. Ask Quatro about it next time you see him. He is also in charge of keeping up with FNG’s so they don’t fall through the cracks. Prayers for the PAX and those who serve and protect us. This was a strong group. I tried to really hurt them, but they took all I had and stood tall in the end. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m glad nobody stepped up to take this Q. My wrath at being scorned has subsided. I hope tomorrow we can say “the only easy day was yesterday”. BG

5 or 6 for good discussion at J&J. We covered joy, being grateful, how we were made to learn and grow in adversity. Joined late by LETC from SE who added much wisdom to our discussion.   BG



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