Flag Ceremony

DATE: 12/6/17

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: TheAdjuster, SirMix, Nomad, RocketQueen, CrepeFace, Trump, BTB, UglyStik, Flamer, Venus, Tombstone, Doughnut, Zuckerberg, ChickenNoodle, PumKing, GlassJoe, Crosswalk, Hooch, Quatro, TheMountie

– Seal Claps x30 IC
– Imperial Walkers x30 IC
Count confirmation on visitors from the north…Welcome
– Mountain Climbers x20 IC, no recovery
– Carolina Dry Docks x20 IC



Mosey to speed bumps

     No Corner Escalator:

  • Start with: Bobby Hurley x20
  • Sprint to next speed bump: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20
  • Sprint to next speed bump: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20 + Heals to Heaven x20
  • Sprint to next speed bump: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20 + Heals to Heaven x20 + Jump Lunges x20
  • Sprint to last speed bump: Burpees x20

Mary included flutter kicks and LBC’s

2-column Indian Run to large parking lot by football field

      Buzz-Burner Pyramid
Grab space on wall and complete:

  • BTW Derkins x1 + Merkins x2 + LBCs x3
  • Rinse and repeat x8 increasing the rep multiple x1 each time so ends with x8, x16, x24
  • Run one lap around outskirts of large parking lot
  • Repeat exercises in reverse order starting with BTW Derkins x8  + Merkins x16 + LBCs x24 and work backwards rinse and repeat x8 to finish with x1, x2, x3
  • Finish with lap around parking lot

Mary included: Superman, Side Plank Dips

Everyone run another lap to bring in the 6

2-column Indian Run back to the flag

Mary by SirMix to close-out the work-out


  • Great Teamwork by the StingRay clan…There was some mathematical frustration during the Buzz-Burner but they worked to together and recovered well!
  • Sixth Sense award goes to Tombstone. Returning from his first Buzz-Burner lap, he claimed there was a PAX behind him possibly needing help.  After a lot sweep, it appears it may have been BTB coming up on lapping him…
  • Strong work Mountie, you had to leave for work after the Buzz Burner but held nothing back before that!
  • GlassJoe – you are a Balls-To-The-Wall beast! Will be sure to throw more of that at you in the future!
  • It was a pleasure hosting our 6 guests from the north, thank you for making the trip…remember Eyes Wide Shut…ahem…chopper
  • The MonsterFlag was officially bequeathed back to its rightful owners however the GhostFlag remains where it belongs
  • Advisory Council Meeting following NightFlight Thursday night 16:45 Brewers Kettle
  • ChickenNoodle to host a discussion Friday during coffeeteria about possibly starting an F3/F2 for Friday mornings…Lots of interest in the naming of such a thing so lets be creative

It was an honor to lead such a fine group of HIM’s through the gloom this morning!

Thank you for the opportunity!
-8penny out



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