Turbo Tuesday Runs Far

DATE: 12/5/17


# of PAX: 5

PAX: Cesspool (F3 Columbia), Flounder, Zuckerburg, The Ratt


  • We had a plan with the PAX from UNCW to try and meet up on the Eastwood Rd Cross City Trail, but our paths weren’t well coordinated so we missed each other on the first pass, but did manage to find each other just long enough to say “Hey” and keep on going!
  • All in all the boys from Turbo covered just over 7 miles in times ranging from 49 minutes to 53 minutes!!! That’s strong!


  • Per the usual, The Ratt was running 5 minutes behind, so YHC circled back early in the run to scoop him from his makeshift AO parking area and then ran to catch the other PAX who continued ahead! Overall he made up for it and finished a very strong run!
  • Cesspool joined us from F3 Columbia and much to his surprise learned of our plan as he got out of his truck. Eventhough he claimed they had a long run yesterday in Columbia, he pushed as hard as he could and stayed with Flounder from start to finish!
  • Zuckerburg was also surprised/scared to learn of the plan this morning and once we reached Rogersville Rd needed to turn around for Hot Colon reasons! Fortunately for him there was a McDonald’s on his way back to the AO, while I’m sure that was very unfortunate for the staff and customers of McDonald’s! But inevitably, another PAX who didn’t think he could do it was setting paces for himself he could be proud of!
  • Flounder proved that he is ready to increase his goals. He constantly tells me he wants to run sub 8:00 miles for distance and then today goes out and crushes 7 miles in an almost sub 7:30 pace! Constantly improving is what consistency will get you! Run with people who push you and you will be faster without even knowing it!

Strong work by all the PAX this morning! I am humbled and honored to have been joined by such motivated men! You push me to be better every morning!

BTB- over and out!


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