The Flags are flying and the pax are running!!!

When  12/5/2017

Where   Snow Cut Bridge, Screaming Eagle AO


Pax    Hoff, Trolley Stop, 8_penny, Sir Mix, Foxtrot



Its a drizzly Tuesday morning But the Temperature is unusually high at 64°. Trolley stop and EPO get in approximately 2-1/2 miles of extra credit run before the main body of pax show up for the regular beat down.  When trolley stop and I returned to the AO there are 6 flags flying!!! It is incredibly awesome looking!! And look at that, its the monster factory flag and the ghost flag. WHAT??? Somebody for fart sacked is the rumor.

We divided into 2 groups, The rabbits and the tortoises.  The goal was to run to the Marina at Carolina Beach state Park.The Hoff, 8-Penny and Trolley stop took off. YHC, Sir mix, and Foxtrot followed right behind.  Traffic was light as was the rain.  Frequent appearances by a very large moon made for great scenery.

We met back up at the AO under the bridge for COT.


Prayers for the Men and women of the military.

Prayers for Elena as she will be doing the field portion of her training this week.

Reach out to pax That have fallen to the wayside.


EPO out



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