Faster & Further


QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 10

PAX : Gobo, Busted Grill, Tank, Mr Kotter, Daggerboard, Snickers, Heisenberg, Hoveround, Niles

With the intent to meet Turbo Tuesday @ Rogersville Rd / CCT, we launched promptly @ 0531 after quick disclaimer & heads up on the fact that we’d likely go over our normal 45mins.

Off we went to meet the Turbos…

Gobo, Tank, Mr Kotter, Heisenberg, & Daggerboard occupied the lead pack, with Snickers, BG, Hoveround, Niles, & YHC  hanging tough in the 6.

Lots of mumblechatter about all sorts of topics. As much as running sucks, it does give opportunity for decent conversation, which makes it much more bearable. And apparently Niles wasn’t actually there, though I’m certain we all saw him…

Our goal of meeting Turbo Tuesday was not fully realized as only 2 pax were able to do so. We’ll try again another day…

Total mileage varied per pax, but it sounded like the minimum was ~5.5 miles. Strong work!


Thank you everyone for being willing to go further this morning. I’m certain that today was PR for distance for me.

Thanks to Gobo for the suggestion of meeting Turbo Tuesday & going further. We’ll do it again, and hopefully all make it there.

Weather was great this morning, the light mist made the extra miles easier.

Niles! On on a Tuesday! #WeeklyChallenge Hope to see you again on a Tuesday.


BG took us out with prayers for all to be stronger/better leaders, first responders, etc.


Thank you for the privilege to lead, it is always a pleasure!

Until next time….

  • Blade


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