Friday 12/1/17 Something Wicked This Way Comes

While driving towards home base, The Nest, something was inexplicably off…out of place. I turned left onto Halyburton Memorial Pkwy, and I could smell something foul in the air (In retrospect, I realize that one of the Stingrays had a gnarly case of the farts). Regardless, it became apparent that we’d been descended upon by other AOs from the region. We were outnumbered, and they came for our Ghost Flag.

QIC: Trolly Stop

# of PAX 21

PAX Stiffler, Gobo, Etch-a-Sketch, Dino, Ugly Stick, Trump, Pony Express, Snickers, Dixie Chick, Sea Horse, Flamer, Ciallise, Tiny Tank, Minecraft, Pumking, Blade, Glass Joe, The Mountie, Venus, and Fonda.


*Standing on our right legs Curls X 10 each arm Overhead punches X 10 each arm Across the body to the ground, then back across the body arm raises X 5 each side Touch the ground- arm raises X 10 Run-in-place arm pumps X 10 *Repeat on left leg


We moseyed to the pull-up and dip bars. Here, we broke up into groups of three. Next, we established seven stations: 1. Squat 2. Merkin 3. Leg raise 4. Dip 5. Superman 6. Pull-up 7. Boat. We did a total of three reps at each station, but each rep lasted a minute. Therefore, we needed to sequence our movements by the second as we lowered or raised ourselves to the 60 second countdown. At thirty seconds, we were at full extension or contraction. Here, the men shouted “Halfway!”, and it was time to either lower or raise ourselves back to the starting position. We repeated this for three rounds. To get the blood circulating properly after this isometric activity, we performed 10 burpees and moseyed back to the cars.

Fonda had to leave for work which left the HMPs and Stingrays at a deadlock for stealing The Screaming Eagles’ cherished Ghost Flag. Fortunately, there is a precedence for deciding such matters:  A Good Ole’ Fashioned Burpee-Off. Both sides burpeed their hearts out as the Screaming Eagles watched on. Sure, we were losing our flag, but we weren’t doing burpees.

In the end, the Stingrays out burpeed their competition. I questioned the quality of their burpees, but that wasn’t well received (and I guess that I was kind of a wanker for bringing it up). So, congratulations, Stingrays. We’ll see you soon. We’ll see you real soon.

By this time, it was getting pretty late. Venus reminded us about the 85th annual Christmas party on Saturday at Wreck-it-Ralph’s, and Brother Stiffler took us out in prayer.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to lead, peace and love, get those chests to the ground, and keep on rocking in the free world,

Trolley Stop (Choo Choo)



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