HMP – Last day of No Respect.

Date: 12-1-17

AO – Hugh MacRae Park – Coastal Surge

Pax: 8Penny, Busted Grill, FNG – Canary, Flounder, Hahvahd, Homer, Last, Mouse Trap, Mr T, Mr Kotter, Niles, The Adjuster, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Sportcenter, and Wreckit Ralph.

On the last day of YHC receiving No Respect, 16 pax joined him in the gloom. HMP and Stingray both had clown cars headed south to ScreamingEagle, so a little surprised by the enthusiastic group of pax. Here is how it went down.

SSH IC x49
Imperial Walkers IC x 30
Cotton pickers IC x 20


We took a mosey to the pull up bars, the long way, doing backwards run, buttkickers, and high knees to the intersection nearest bars. We then ran the long way around the pond to the bars, stopping at the first speed bump for 5 burpees, next one 4 burpees, etc until everyone meets at the bars.

Now for the Thang-
We split up into 2 groups. One group does 5 pull ups, 10 dips, and 15 merkins. The other group takes the road loop around goose poop island. Group one rinses and repeats until the 6 of group 2 is back. Flapjack. Both groups did the routine twice.

Indian run to baseball fields, and again break up into 2 groups.
Starting at midfield, both groups plank. The 6 bearcrawl weaves to the front. Continue until you reach the fence. Winners get 5 burpees. Losers get… 5 burpees.
Rinse and repeat back except this time the 6 leapfrogs over the planking pax.

Circle up on ball field for Mary.
Flutter kicks IC x 50
Rollover on stomach(just to get nice and damp).
Jailbreak back to the flags. Time is up.


Circle of Trust – Prayers for William. Let him find the path that you have designed for him God. Let his parents hear your wisdom and discernment as they try to guide him.

Welcome FNG- Canary. Tclaps on the EH Mr. T. 85th Annual Christmas party is Dec 2, starting at 2 pm. Jimbos and Jesus, every Friday at 0630. Y’all be there. There is some good stuff going on. Thanks to everyone for posting this am. You make each and everyone us of stronger when you do. As a bonus, you get stronger also.

What an honor and privilege to call this group brothers. Thanks for letting YHC lead today.

LETC out



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