F3Baywatch – 50Respect Q

Date: 12-2-17
AO- The World Famous Baywatch of WB – Named the Best AO in F3Nation by the one and only OBT.

Pax: Busted Grill, Cracker, Coffee Bean, Dino, Dixie Chic, EPO, Flounder, Freon, Gobo, Hahvahd, Heisenberg, Last, The Adjuster, Tantenbaum, The Hoff, Tank, Snickers, Sparky, Spin Dr, Trump, and Venus Carterico Pax – Purple Rain, Griswold, Madoff, Lassie, Shroom, Hillary, and Steamer.

28 pax joined YHC in the dawn hours for 50 BDQ beatdown. Two clown cars rolled in from Carterico carrying 7 pax – Two of which were my blood brother Purple Rain, and one of my life long best friends Madoff. Dang, maybe I should have planned this out. However, now that YHC is now wiser and full of respect, they probably will never catch on. Let’s see how it goes.

Three of the 28 went running for an EC and made it back about COT time. They were lost, which is par for the course. THE Hoff was leading them. Glad they eventually found home. The rest of us started with SSH IC x 50. The Cartericans started whining immediately.

So we only did 20 Cotton pickers IC (clapping included).

Two lines for Indian runs down to the beach, with a pause for the 6, who was not nearly slow enough. Some of us needed a little longer breather.

Once at beach, YHC revealed the Thang, that was designed on the can an hour previously, but is certain will be imitated and replicated many times into the future.

The Thang- BLIMPSHOLF (where are you Hoff?)
Grab a partner. Stay with partner for entire routine. At the first beach access do 5 Burpees, run to next access and stack 10 Lunges on top of the 5 Burpees. Continue stacking the exercises on top at each consecutive beach access. Once you have spelled out BLIMPSHOLF, sprint to the pier.
Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plankjacks, Squats, Hello Dollies, Overhead presses, Little baby crunches, Flutter kicks.

Once 6 reaches the pier, you are to grab your partner and run back to the flag. You pick the pace and the route, but stay with your partner. On the way, share something with your partner that he doesn’t know about you. Be prepared to share at CoT.

Back at flag, no time for Mary or sharing stories. Maybe next time.

CoT –
Prayers for David and his family who is being impacted by cancer. Prayers for the Life Line Pregnancy Center and all the great work they are doing. BG(Respect!) thanks for being a leader in that incredible organization. They had a fundraiser walk today, and several pax participated. The 85th Annual Christmas party is today at Wreckit Ralph’s house. Be there. Gratitude to the Cartericans who made the trip south. YHC is a native Carterican by the Grace of God, and proud of it. You cats cannot know how much F3 has meant to me. It would take a very long book to detail it, so I’m asking you to join me in the gloom for me to share it with you. However, here is one clue. YHC is jacked to turn 50 because it will be fun to hear “LETC – Respect!” Every morning. Who outside of F3 looks forward to turning 50?
-The Secret sauce is F3 works because the focus is #Giveitaway, as opposed to #Giveittome. The more you give, the more you receive. It works at F3 and in life.

Moleskin- Now back to the mumblechatter. The Cartericans came down and earned the CFGhostFlag fair and square. Sometime Saturday night, some Ninjas snaked it. Not sure how the rules are working on this thing, but the OGAO (HMP) might have to start altering the rules to get it to it’s rightful home. The 85th Annual was incredible. Thanks for all of the notes, wishes, cakes, shots, etc. You all truly made the old man’s birthday very special. Thanks so much. I had plans of giving a shout out to each and every one of the pax who posted today, but the M is giving the look. She is an incredible M (quite possibly the best of all time – she may be reading this). So you will have to wait for your personal thank you this week, when we meet in the gloom. Love you brothers.

It was an honor and privilege to lead and spend this day with you.


LETC out


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