Heavy gray balls at Silverfox

DATE: 12/2/2017

QIC: Tiny Dancer

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Hoveround, Morpheus, Niles, Cialis, Minecraft, Flight Nurse(FNG)

6 PAX started out carryIng some heavy balls around the Silverfox AO this morning and were joined mid-Dora by an FNG who thought it looked like fun.


SSH X 30
Imperial Walker X 30
Merkins X 15
Moroccan Night Club X 30


Let’s grab our big heavy balls and mosey to the field for Dora 123.
Partner up and one partner does exercise with the ball while the other runs across the field around the backstop

100 merkins with the ball
200 V-ups with the ball
300 squat-raises with ball

Mid-Dora the PAX are joined by a curious FNG so YHC ran back to the car to get another ball for all to enjoy.

After Dora mosey the the playground for more fun with balls
Partner 1- 10 ball burpees
Partner 2- 10 pull-ups-ups
Partner 1- 10 Merkins with ball on your back
Partner 2- 5 pull-ups

Mosey to the benches
Partner 1- 15 dips with ball
Partner 2- 15 derkins
Flapjack and rinse and repeat x 3

Partner 1- 20 Step ups with ball
Partner 2- 20 lunge jumps


American Hammer with ball X 20
Flutter kicks with ball X 30


Welcome FNG Flight Nurse aka Jeff Marsh who just moved here from Northen California and happened upon the PAX this morning walking his dog and decided to join us. Welcome to Wilmington and the F3 brotherhood!

Strong work by all today. It was an honor and pleasure to lead today

Happy 50th to LETC! Welcome to the Respects!

Hope to see everyone at the Christmas party later this afternoon.

Tiny Dancer out



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