Paper Jam Guest Q

DATE: 12/1/17

QIC: Paper Jam (F3 SoB)

# of PAX: 11

PAX: About that Base, Cuatro, Sparky (R), Shines, Coffee Bean (R), Blue Steel Tannenbaum, Tank, Bob the Builder, EOM, Paper Jam

11 PAX were not dismayed by the thought of a Charlotte SOB leading Stingray and arrived early to see what was in store. After introductions and a disclaimer we were off. Mosey to the parking lot directly across the street from launch for


SSH x 15, 5 merkins OYO, IW x 15, 10 merkins OYO, LSS x 15, 15 merkins OYO , LBC x 15


Mosey to the neighborhood behind the park. Stop at Myric Court for instructions. Partner up. Each partner choose a side of the street.  At this location perform 6 diamond merkins.  Then run to Old Well Loop Rd, perform another 6 diamond merkins. Then run on the loop until you meet your partner and when you do, perform 10 hand slap merkins. 2 rounds. BTB leads mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey to the parking lot near the pond. On the way there, at each light pole and park bench, stop and do 6 merkins. Meet at the rock pile. Within sight of the rock pile is a playground set and covered shelter with tables. At the rock pile 16 rock curls, playground: 6 pull ups at the tables 26 dips. 2 rounds. BTB leads mary waiting on the six.

Mosey to the covered shelter with the tables. Perform: one leg split squats, step ups, step downs.  Varied reps and speed. Some exercises we did twice some only once.

Mosey to adjacent parking lot for The Beast. A South Charlotte invention (and favorite) Pick 3 locations-in this case 3 islands of the parking lot. As you run to each island stop and perform the called exercise at the island. 6 reps each.  First round, wide arm merkins, 2nd round crucible merkins, final round burpees.

Mosey back to launch for mary. Exercises called by various PAX, Cuatro, Sparky and Blue Steel.


When planning a workout in another region and at an unfamiliar location it is challenging and fun.  My goals were to get off site (going to the neighborhood), stick close to launch (so I would not get lost), while trying to get a complete workout (running, arms, legs, abs).  I hope I did not disappoint the Stingray faithful.

From the looks and sound of things, the Cape Fear region is strong. This was my 3rd time posting in Wilmington and my first time Q.  I thought that Hugh Macrea Park   was one of the best AOs I’ve seen and Ogden Park may be its equal. I did not even scratch the surface of what could be done there.  This should be a sight for an 1hr long Saturday workout.

Bob The Builder is a beast. Reminded me of several SOB/Area 51 guys who lap me. He was kind enough not to get too far ahead of the Q.

It is an honor and privilege to lead these men.  It is a humbling experience when you get to do it outside of your region.  I appreciate Bob the Builder allowing me the opportunity.







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