Elevens-If your not changing your dying.

DATE: 11/29/17

QIC: Mayhem

# of PAX: 14

The PAX: Parrothead, Wreck-It-Ralph, The Adjuster, Seahorse, Snickers, Blade, Dredd, Pony Express, Mr. T, Flips, Tiny Dancer, Haavard, Busted Grill

The Thang:

1. SS Hops – Cadence – 20
2. Hill Billies – Cadence – 20
3. Cotton Pickers – Cadence – 20
4. Reverse Lunges – OYO – 15

Mozy the long way to lower parking lot

Elevens –Burpees on one side –Merkins on the other- Plank when your done

Mozy on the back path to pull up bars

Get in 3 lines do10 pull ups 10 knees to chest – Al Gore while you wait your turn 

10 pull-ups and 10 feet to the bar

Indian Run back to AO

LBC – 20
Flutter Kicks – 20
American Hammer – 20
Hello Dolly – 20
Freddie Mercury – 20

If something doesn’t change, it’s dead. God designed the world so that it is in
constant motion, never sitting still, always dying and being reborn. Everything is
changing, all the time. Even you. – Donald Miller

Check Slack Channel for the full PDF by Donald Miller.

85th annual Christmas party is Saturday, 12/2. See preblast online for more info!

  • it is also LETC’s 50th birthday!

It was an honor and a privilege, thanks for the opportunity to lead.




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