Bear -Crawl-Beatdown

QIC: Sir Mix A Lot
Date: 11/27/2017
PAX- Hoff, Troll stop, Tiny Tank, Crosswalk, Nomad, Crepe Face, Stiffler, Cealis, Hooch,

10 Pax bravely posted on this chilly morning with YHC for a little Bear Crawl fun.

Warmup: SSHIC X 30 / Hillbillies IC X 15 / Cotton Pickers IC X 15
That’s enough warmup grab the flags and lets get it on!
Mosey over to Speed bump Alley for a little Bear-crawl- Beat down
The Thang:
“Bear Crawl Beat-Down”

Every  Pax starts off with10 Burpees which are completed at every single speed bump. Start out by running “or at least a fast mosey” then alternate with Bear Crawling to the next speed bump knock out your 10 burpees and rinse and repeat, alternating running and Bear Crawling between each speed bump.
But wait there’s more….. grab the flags and mosey to the pull up bars
5 /10/15
Each pax preforms: 5pull ups, 10 Dips, and 15 Merkins Rinse and repeat 3 times
Last but certainly not least Mosey over to Flamers wall for some Balls to the Wall!!!
Wait until all the pax are up or “kinda upright” special thanks to Trolley Stop, Tiny tank, and Crepe face helping me with  a 10 count. The blood was rushing to my head too fast to count.
Then go to the wall for Derkins x10 IC
“Just to make sure we won’t be able to use our arms for the rest of the day”
Great time by all “or from what I could tell” everyone looked like they were having a good time.
Trolley Stop was absolutely killing the Bear Crawls this morning!! STRONG WORK!!
Tiny Tank and Crepe Face leading the way throughout the entire workout these men are absolute beast!
And of course the Hoff, what can I say? The Hoff managed to spark up a conversation with a young woman driving down the road this morning. He also managed to keep that conversation going while knocking out burpees!
I forgot to mention that we have our Christmas party this weekend December 2ND at Wreck-it-Ralphs house. M’s and 2.0’s are welcome.
As always, prayers for men and women currently serving our amazing country and our first responders, overseas or on American soil.
It is always a privilege to lead until next time,
Sir-Mix out!



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