Baywatch/SilverFox Convergence

Date: 11-26-17
QIC: LETC and 8Penny

Pax: BamBam, Busted Grill, Ciallis, Double Check, Downhill, Hahvahd, Heisenberg, Gobo, Last, Mr Miyagi, Moab, Niles, Pony Express, Shakedown, Sparky, Tiny Dancer, Tiny Tank, Trump, Vandelay, Venus

The youngins from F3Baywatch descended on F3Siverfox for a holiday convergenc. Wisdom and pain were delivered to the satisfaction of all. 3 generations of 8pennys were on hand. There was plenty of EC rucking and mumblechatter pre-0700. We decided to sweat off some turkey for 60 minutes. Here is what happened.

Warm-up by LETC
Seal claps IC x30
Imperial Walkers IC x 20
Cotton pickers IC x 20
Sungods IC x 49

LETC took 1/2 the pax for a Thang
We moseyed down the county trail to the retaining wall.
Lazy 11s w burpees and wall jumps.
Dips IC x 10, Derkins IC x 10, Irkins IC x 10 (rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat)
Stop at the Venus traps to admire, then mosey to soccer fields to flapjack Qs.

8pennys Thang

Mosey to the soccer field for a little Five-No-Jive:
–          Run laps around soccer field at a quick pace for 5min
–          At Q’s call, all PAX circle up for 5, 1min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) exercises:
1.       Spider Merkins
2.       Heals-To-Heaven
3.       Monkey Humpers
4.       American Hammers
5.       Burpees

The routine was tee’d up technologically for a perfect execution using the GymBoss app  and pumping a Silverfox inspired playlist through an external speaker.  Apparently we are tougher than technology as it got smoked during the 1st round and died!

Disappointed, we did not turn to a substitute device but rather stayed true to our Silverfoxes and went unplugged.  Lap counting and cadence were ultimately relied on as the timing mechanism.

Both teams of PAX did a rinse and repeat of Five-No-Jive x2.

–          Flutter Kicks x30 IC
–          LBCs x20 IC
–          Plank-Dips x12 IC each side

Circle of Trust w a great Ball of Man

Gobo and Trump signed the Big Board. Tclaps brothers. Much talk of the great Turkey Day post. Made those of us who missed it a little envious. Niles asked the meaning of the fly trap. Sometimes a fly trap is just a fly trap. Shakedown and BamBam actually posted with Dino out of town. Maybe they like us! 85th Annual Christmas party is Dec 2, starting at 2 pm. Y’all be there.
What an honor and privilege to call this group brothers. Thanks for letting YHC and 8penny lead today.

LETC out



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