Burpback Mountain Turkey Day Fun…Sir May I have another!

Date: 11/23/17

Location: Battleship, Downtown Wilmington

# of Pax: 35

QIC: Venus

Pax: Suppository(F3 Hickory), Trump, Gobo, Lord Nelson, Heisenberg, Snickers, Pony Express, Hooverround, Blue Steel, Chaos (The Ridge), FNG Joe Perry III (Tres), FNG Joe Perry IV (Quatro), Pom Pom (F3 Jacksonville), Busted Grille, Snail Mail, Brady, Moab, Niles, Sparky, Seahorse, Tennenbaum, Foxtrot, Dixie Chick, The Adjuster, Socks, Tiny Dancer, Downhill, 8-Penny, Ugly Stik, EOM, AT (F3 Charlotte), Hung Kung Fui (The Ridge), Bob the Builder, Last.


On a chilly Thanksgiving morning, 34 Pax joined YHC downtown for what some may have thought was going to be just “another workout” but they were wrong.

The night before at Brewers Kettle I started thinking about the workout for the next morning. YHC knew it was Turkey Day, knew we would have a lot of visiting pax, and I also knew that we all were going to eat very well so it needed to be hard. So with that said I tried to deliver, F3 Cape Fear style. During the workout, I heard grumbles, and aches, and heavy breathing….all of which sound like the perfect recipe for a great beatdown.

Warm up:

SSH x50 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x40IC

Mountain Climbers x30IC

The Thang:

Two lines: Carterico Indian Run (5 Merkins before the sprint to the front) to Burpback Mountain.

Once at the bottom of the hill, partner up with someone you do not know at all or very well.

Dora 1-2-3….sorta….more like 1.5, 3, 6….(I think I had a little to much to drink and had a hard time adding…

This is a cumulative exercise. Partner 1 does the exercise, partner 2 runs up the hill, except at the asphalt color change Broadjump Burpee the rest of the way!!! Then flip flop.

150 Burpees

300 Mike Tysons

600 Flutterkicks (Single Count)

Time to head back! Find a partner and stay with them on the boardwalk to the river side of the Hilton.


What a great turn out! 35 on Thanksgiving morning. F3 Cape Fear is growing and its contagious. Keep spreading the greatness!!

How about that view on the run along the river! Are we lucky or what?!?!

Prayers for those who are not as fortunate

Prayers for those who protect us foreign and domestic

Prayers for traveling pax safe travels

85 Annual Christmas Party – Dec 2 at 2pm at Wreck It Ralphs

As I said on slack, I am beyond thankful for F3. The friendships it has developed for me, the bond I share with brothers I never knew I had, and the feeling of knowing my back is ALWAYS covered is indescribable. Thank you! I hope and pray others can find the same joy and love for F3 that I have found.

It was truly an honor to lead!

Until next time…

Venus out!




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