The Remnant

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Last, Mr. T, Capt. Stubbing, Niles, Tiny Dancer.

Warm-up: With some PAX gallivanting in other pastures, the remnant began. Seal claps 25 IC, cotton pickers 20 IC, hillbillies 20 IC and merkins 15 IC. Mosey to pull-up bars for what I think are some oft neglected exercises.

The Thang: Partner up for 40 pull ups, 40 toes to bar (or knees to chest),160 dips and 160 partner assisted sit ups  with 4 laps around the pond each PAX to do the full number of exercises. Last and I did 2 cycles of 5-5-20-20 then ran a lap and repeated. I think everyone followed that pattern. Only 3+ laps completed, led by Niles and TD with Last and I taking the 6. Mosey back to the Flag.

Mary: Just enough time for flutter kicks 41 IC. Just an observation, but the 6 always seems to be the tiredest and the others always have a lot of energy. So this is an open invitation from the 6 (you know who we are) to join us sometime for a more fully exhausting workout.

COT: Short counterama and namerama followed by announcements and prayers especially of thanksgiving. We have all been given so much. Strong work by all. This is a formal invitation to Capt. S to come again. You have been missed.

Thanks for the opportunity,  BG








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