Not your average VQ

Date: 11/20/2017

AO: SE Veterans Park

QIC: Pumking

# of PAX : 11 ( not incl. the Q)

PAX: 8penny, crosswalk,Chicken noodle,hooch,Foxtrot,UglyStik, Stifler, Tiny Tank, Trolly Stop, Crepeface

Warm-Up- SSHx30 IC

Cherry Pickers x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC


Mossy to the speed bumps: 1st speed bump- shoulder taps x 30 Sprint to the next

2nd speed bump- Mountain Climbers x 20 ( 4 count) Sprint to the next

3rd Speed bump- Werkins x 25 Sprint to the next

4th Speed bump- LBC x 30

All PAX high planked while waiting for their fellow PAX to Complete

Once all PAX completed Mossy to the soccer field- Needless to say some very happy PAX 37 degrees and wet grass!

Bear Crawl snake was what was on tap- All PAX line up arm lengths apart and get into high plank position, The last PAX weaves his way through the planking PAX until each PAX has crawled their way to the end .

ATM’s- 15 Shoulder taps (4count), 10 tempo merkins, 10 fast merkins Rinse and Repeat-  This is the point where YHC had to take a moment to get some Clarity.  Once completed the circuit we move on to a Little Black Jack

Black Jack-  All PAX lined up on the Soccer field sideline-  Done in Succession- 1 Merkin sprint to the other side of the bleachers 20 LBC’s, sprint back to side line 2 Merkin, this is performed until 20 merkin and 1 LBC.  Had to cut short due to time constraints.  All PAX were instructed to halt at 10.

Mossy back to AO



Prayers for all those traveling to see family this Holiday Season. Prayers for all those that are less fortunate than others at this time of year and always. Prayers for Stiflers step moms Sister Beverly, who is battling cancer as well as her mother who is battling cancer at this time as well.


Pumking Out


It was a honor and privilege









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