DATE: 11/18/17

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Dino, Cracker, BlueSteel, Blade, Tenenbaum, French Kiss, Milton, LabRat (FNG), Seahorse, SOL, Stryker, MIA (FNG)

Crisp and absolutely gorgeous morning!


 – Smurf-Jacks x30 IC
– Toy-Soldiers x30 IC
– Moutain Climbers x20 IC


Partner-up and run to Johnnie Mercer Pier but for each pedestrian group passed, stop and do 20 Merkins each.  Stay with your partner.  Meet in the sand, Mary on the 6.

Bear Crawl north to 1st beach access.

4-Corners, north bound.  At each corner around the block perform call exercise.
– Block 1: Mike Tysons x10 – Plank on 6
– Block 2: Sumo Kicks x20 – Al Gore on 6
– Block 3: V-Ups x15 – Flutter Kicks and Superman on 6
– Block 4: Carolina Dry Docks x15 – Plankorama and shoulder taps on 6

10 burpees OYO and jail break back to Pier.

Merkins x20 IC

Single column Indian run back to flags.

LBCs x20 IC


Wait!  The 6-pack is here but where is Branson, the new guy?  After a feeble attempt to backtrack and find him, the decision was made to double time the COT, then send a man-hunt team.

– Nice EC work French-Kiss bringing 2 FNG’s…well, 1 out of 2 is still nice work!
– Thought we had a third FNG but that turned out to be SOL disguised behind a mustache and 20 layers of clothing
– Strong work Milton, persistent and steady, always completing the order
– It appeared Dino thought we were going skiing, nice frozen tundra gear!
– Currently an open forum for service project suggestions.  By December 1st Cape Fear F3 is looking to make a volunteering commitment for December and is open to suggestions.  If you have one, post it on Slack for consideration
– Christmas Party Dec 2nd at Wreck-it-Ralph’s .  Will be an afternoon affair open to M’s and 2.0’s.  Details to follow later in the week
– Prayers for victims across the country from natural disasters to shootings

Flash-forward to missing FNG update.  1st, in his absence, he was dubbed MIA and because of his absence it was voted in as his F3 name.  As we were taking down the flags, he appeared out of nowhere looking flushed and out of breath.  Said he ducked into the bathroom at the beach with a case of hot colon just as the Indian run started.  When he finished his business, he thought the return to the flags included x20 Merkins at each pedestrian passed, so that’s what he did.  Well, next time, tell someone before you duck-out but…strong work MIA!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-8penny over and out!



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