It’s Hammer- time

November 8, 2017

Qic: niles

Pax : Tiny Dancer , blade , mayhem , busted grill , wreck it Ralph, Hahhvahd, mr kotter , pony express, tenenbaum, sweater vest, flips, Kramer , fire Marshall bill , Morpheus , mr T

Recently I’ve become impressed with the idea that every man has his own battleground and every day is a miniature battle and given that, it behooves us to learn from the stories of great leaders from the past and the battles they fought . Continuing on with this parallel, an F3 workout is encapsulation of training for our daily battle. Although we finish each of our prayers typically thanking God for the first responders and protectors of our front lines- we tend to forget the stories of the people that came centuries before us who allowed us to live in freedom , worship in freedom and pursue our happiness unencumbered by the twin tyrannies of government or religion. These are our OG – the great defenders of our faith and preservers of our Judaeo-Christian heritage. Charles Martel is a man you should know . He fought a battle against an invading army in 732 – the battle of Tours, that is the reason that we are now not speaking Arabic and wearing hijabs. In this climate , that’s not a politically correct sentiment but its also the reason this Indian could become an American , marry a person he loves , start his own business , worship Jesus in freedom , and raise his children to value the things he cherishes. Here’s a site for a more complete history lesson on Charles Martel for those inclined :

So in the spirit of our history lesson and the opportunity for a journey back into the middle ages, I took 14 pax on a Tours of HMP accompanied by a boombox that played Gregorian chant dance music – yes that is a thing- from an electronic band called Enigma and a football for throwing random Hail Marys .

On our mosey we did a variation of pearls on a string stopping at random park points where YHC pulled out a deck of cards and took a random heart , diamond, club ,and spade card to indicate the number of exercise done at each “battle”

Merkins for hearts

Friar jump tucks for diamonds

Charles the Hammers for clubs

Turkish get ups for spades

We also did Balls to the castle wall twice for 60 second holds ,

Storm the castle pull ups , jump ups and lots of lunges before finishing with a fast quarter-mile to the flags , to lick our wounds and reflect on our precious legacy .

In hindsight, the deck of cards was too clever and when we do this again next year I’ll skip the cards .


Sorry – cant remember much except that :

Busted grill didn’t complain nearly as much about the music being unmelodic. Maybe he forgot his hearing aid.

For a Princeton grad , Hahvahd requires way too much exercise instruction.

I’m sure Morpheus is a damn good lawyer but he isn’t familiar with several letters in English language.

Ralph can still throw a good spiral.

Prayers for F3 , front lines , friends and family.

Thanks to the warriors above for indulging me and my history lesson. I’ll be planning on bringing the battle of tours back next fall to an AO near you– don’t miss it! Aye

Niles out



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