HMP With FMB (and Flounder)

Date: November 17, 2017

QIC: Fire Marshal Bill and Flounder

PAX: LETC, Dixie Chick, WreckIt Ralph, Snickers, Hoff, Haavard, Busted Grill, Blade, Pony Express, Last, Niles, Trucks (FNG)

Warm-Up: SSH x 25, Mountain Climbers x 25

The Thang: FMB and I co-Q’d today.  We decided to split up the time where Flounder took the first 20 minutes followed up by FMB for the last 20 minutes.

We started out with the fan favorite Pearls On A String.  From the AO we began a fast mosey then 25 Merkins, pick up the mosey then 25 V-Ups, pick up the mosey then 25 Dive Bomber Merkins, on and on.  Exercises during the mosey alternated a variety of Merkins and Sit-ups.  Once we reached the lighted trails we switched from a Mosey to a sprint.  Sprint to the 3rd light post then Merkins, sprint to the 6th light post, then Mountain Climbers, sprint the 9th light post then a 1 minute plank, sprint to the 12th light post and finish up with Merkins.

FMB took over at that point.  Mosey to the tennis court parking lot for a modified DORA with Jacob’s Ladder.  One partner starts with a Mike Tyson then Bear Crawls to the middle of the parking lot, then Crawl Bears (backward Bear Crawl) back.  The other partner completes Lunges x 100, Bobby Hurley’s x 200 and Copperhead Squats x 300.  The partners rotate the DORA and Jacob’s Ladder.

Moleskin/COT:  We want to welcome Trucks (Brett) who was EH’d by Fire Marshal Bill.  He works at Port City Community Church with the youth and has been doing this for 14 years.  His first post and he happened to be wearing a shirt that said “IMPACT” across the front.  He did not even know of his HIM status!

LETC announced the Christmas party for F3 Cape Fear will be December 2 at Wreck It Ralph’s.  This will be an all day event with more details to come.  This is also LETC’s 50th birthday so bring the Fireball.  Jimbo’s and Jesus followed the workout with BG’s lead.  Blade asked that if there is any volunteer event over the holidays to let him know and he would post the information.  Blade is assisting with Warrior Family Ministries on Thanksgiving at Sunset Park if anybody is interested in assisting.  On that note, our motto is to give it away. so give some of your time away to assist those in need over these holidays.  Lastly, Wreck It mentioned that his Men’s group at church is assisting with a food drive.

FMB took us out with a some words to reflect and reminded us who is in charge…Jesus!

We both appreciate the chance to lead on a beautiful Friday Morning!

FMB (and Flounder) out!



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