Donut’s (pre)Birthday Beatdown

Date:  17 November 17

QIC: Donut

Pax: Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Chicken Noodle, Tombstone, Foxtrot, Tiny Tank, Stiffler, Nomad (LIFO), 8-Penny, Trolley Stop

Nine pax braved a chilly morning to help YHC celebrate his 45th trip around the sun.  Spirits were high.  Prior to the post, 8-Penny, Tiny Tank, SMAL, Nomad, Chicken Noodle, and Stiffler decided to do an EC run of 2.5 miles (or 16 per Chicken Noodle).  YHC would do his best to make them pay for this extra effort.

The thang:  Circle up for some Jazzercise.  Time for some Brass Monkey.  Side straddle hop continuously through the song.  Hit the deck and merkin every time you hear “monkey”.   That’s like 29 monkeys.

Now let’s all Cartarico Indian Run to the fields (indian run whereby the last pax falls out, does 5x merkins then catches the column and assumes the lead).  Alas, the fields look like they have just been freshly watered.  Yes it is 41 degrees out, but YHC has gloves on, so lets do this.

11’s:  line up at the side line and start at 0. Butt kickers to the next side line and complete 11 “Squarkins” (assume the merkin pose.  While keeping your hands on the ground bring both feet up under your chest then return to the merkin position.  Kind of like mountain climbers, but instead of alternating feet you bring them both up at the same time.  forward, back, forward, back then merkin… that is 1.  Now keep doing them).  High knee back to the starting point and complete 1 4-ct crunch frog.  Butt kicker back again for 10 squarkins, then back again for 2 4-ct cruncy frogs.  Everything should add up to 11.  Clearly there are some math challenged pax at Screaming Eagle.

Tabata:  Mosey to the picnic tables.  Never mind, YHC forgot to set his watch.  Let’s just do a ton of Mary for the next 10 minutes.  Everyone gets a turn to pick a favorite and lead.  Decline merkins, incline merkins, dips, more dips, Moroccan Night Club, decline Carolina Dry Docks, some weird lay on your tummy with your legs hanging off of the table and raise them to parallel thing, and finishing with 45 Copperhead squats.

Back to the Flag!  Nice job pax!!

COT: Prayers for Sully’s wife, for those suffering from PTSD (see Foxtrot’s post on #yourstoryhere, teachers, first responders, medical professionals, and all those that seek the truth.


Strong work for those completing the EC before the post.  Congrats to Chicken Noodle for getting his name on the board today.  Nomad wandered off somewhere after the 11’s were completed.  He tends to wander.  Wet grass and cool temps equals numb fingers even with gloves.  Foxtrot, let us know if you wife does, in fact, question the bruises above your crotchital area.

Thank you for celebrating with me.





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